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Log Cabin Block Lotto

Log Cabin Block Lotto

Due Date: October 27, 2007
Sign-up: Comment to this post with your email address, and the number of blocks you will be sending. I will email you this information and my snail mail address so you can send the blocks when they are ready to ship.

This is a centralized block lotto, meaning all blocks will be sent to one person (me) who will collect all of the blocks and draw the winner of the lotto. If there happens to be an odd number of blocks, I will fill in some extras but they will not be counted toward my entries into the lotto, should I choose to participate.


How this works: You may make as many blocks for the lotto as you'd like. Every block you send in earns you 1 entry into the lottery. After the deadline and all the blocks have been received, a name will be chosen at random as the winner of the lottery, and all of the collected blocks will be sent to the winner. The more blocks you enter, the greater your chances of winning the lottery!

Fabric: 100% cotton, pre-washed. Please use quality material. If you buy from Wal-Mart, please make sure you cannot see through the fabric. Batiks ARE allowed for this swap. Please DO NOT use any "theme" fabric, such as novelties or holiday prints. There will be swaps for those types of fabrics.

Colors: Lights - Fabrics that read "white", preferably with a WHITE background. Darks - blues of any shade, ranging from sky blue to midnight blue. Center - light gray. Use your own discretion if you aren't sure if a fabric is appropriate.

Block size: 14 1/2" unfinished. Log cabin blocks should have a 2" center, surrounded by 2" strips. There should be 3 light strips and 3 dark strips. A drawn guideline will be sent along with the introduction email upon sign-up.

Number of Blocks: As many as you like, as long as they follow the color scheme.

Due Date: Your blocks must be at my house by October 27, 2007. If I do not have your blocks on time, they will be returned to you unswapped. Lottery winner will be drawn and blocks sent out within 2 weeks.

Packaging: Label all of your blocks with your name, email and LJ username. Place all of your blocks in a large Ziploc baggie with your return address on the outside, in case the outer envelope comes open in the mail. Write the number of blocks you are sending on the OUTSIDE of the envelope.

Mailing: I recommend the Tyvek priority mailing envelopes the post office has. No need to include an envelope, I will provide that for the lottery winner.

Disclaimer: Swap hostess reserves the right to return, untraded, any blocks that do not meet the guidelines, are poorly constructed, or are in any way unsuitable for swapping. Please do your best quality work.
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